How To Create VS Code Workspace Extension Recommendations

The Workspace Extension Recommendations let maintainers of a project recommend extensions for others developers to install.

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This feature is very useful for sharing recommended and needed extensions in projects. Keeping the developers aware of the usage of these extensions in the project.

When opening the project, you will receive a notification showing the recommendations, but if this don’t happen with you. you can open the extensions tab with the shortcut ctrl + shift + x, type in the search bar @recommended, you will see the recommendations list.

Creating Recommendations

  1. Open your project in VSCode.
  2. Create a folder in the root of the project called .vscode.
  3. Inside the folder .vscode create a file called extensions.json.

Inside this file you can insert the recommendations you want like the example below:

  "recommendations": ["dbaeumer.vscode-eslint", "esbenp.prettier-vscode"]

Inside the Json file we have a field called recommendations, its value is an array of the recommended extensions. Inside the array you can press ctrl + space and the VS Code Intellisense.

This settings will apply just to the current folder.